Eduard Kutrowatz


Eduard Kutrowatz – grew up in Burgenland and is based in music – is a passionate cosmopolitan and earthbound Burgenländer at the same time. Together with his brother Johannes, he has been one of the most internationally successful piano duos for many years and co-directs the "Liszt Festival Raiding." Versatility has always been important to him as a musician: Pianist, drummer, singer, educator, artistic director – and for a number of years composing has become more and more important for him; Never for the drawer, always for a specific occasion or performer, the performance always in front of your eyes and in the calendar.

The most beautiful combination of rhythm and melody is its vertical connection through harmony, says Eduard Kutrowatz. On hardly any instrument, this connection succeeds as complex as on his instrument, the piano. And because he is a man of spraying ingenuity, keen to experiment and a lusty cross-border crosser, it is not enough for him to be just an interpreter of this instrument. He processes encounters, formative changes, experiences in musical diaries and uses them for the idiosyncratic architecture of his own compositions.