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Three Romances for Oboe and Piano, op. 94

Arrangement for Strings: Joji Hattori
Robert Schumann
Length: 15'
1. Nicht schnell
2. Einfach innig
3. Nicht schnell

Around 1849, the "small genre" (Wasielewski) of romances and fantasy pieces prevailed in the chamber music of Robert Schumann. Because of its contemplative character and its simple form, it was understood as the composer's retreat into the Biedermeier idyll, and almost as an escape into domestic happiness from the revolutionary turmoil of 1848 and 1849. In fact, however, these pieces met the interest of the democratically moved public in generally comprehensible art – "tender, fragrant flowers that do not want to make a triumphal procession through the salon, but will refresh their minds in a quiet circle."

Schumann presented the three romances for oboe and piano to his wife Clara as a Christmas present in 1849.