Carnival of the animals

Le carnaval des animaux
Camille Saint-Saëns
Duration: 21'
1 . Introduction et Marche royale du lion (Introduction
and Royal March of the Lion),
2. Paules et coqs (Hens and
3. Hemiones-Animaux veloces (Wild Donkeys- Fleet Animals),
4. Tortues (Tortoises),
5. L'elephant,
6.Kangourous (Kangaroos),
7. Aquarium,
8. Personnages a longues oreilles (People with Long Ears),
9. Le coucou au fond des bois (Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods),
10. Voliere (Aviary),
11. Pianistes (Pianists),
12. Fossiles (Fossils),
13. Le cygne (The Swan),
14. Final (Finale)